French Conference 23-24 september 2011
You will find here some of the resources that Joelle Goria from Cavilam shared with us, as well as some of the resources presented by other teachers in various workshops and sharing sessions.

  • Workshop: Daily Meals; a time for conviviality- By Joelle Goria

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  • Workshop: Using fables and traditional Francophone stories in Primary School- By Joelle Goria

  • Workshop: Idioms- by Joelle Goria

  • Workshop: Prejudice and stereotypes- By Joelle Goria

  • Workshop: France and its Banlieues- By Joelle Goria

  • Workshop:Formative and Summative assessments in the Primary School- By Siobhan Lambert

  • Workshop: Kineasthetic and Visual learners- By Jennifer Mcdonald and Myriam Davies

  • Sharing Session: Primary Schools

from Siobhan Lambert
from Siobhan

  • Siobhan had in fact lots of videos to share but some are too big and can't be placed on this wiki. However, Siobahn told us how to download any video from Youtube:Here's the secret!
1. Copy the URL of the video you want from youtube
2. Go to: keepvid.comand paste into the bar
3. then click download-
4. Click Run when asked!
5. choose MP4
6. save target as...

  • Check also The French Revolution explained by the Vlog Brothers on Youtube. Thank you Siobhan!

  • A.J shared with us this website:
Revolution Francaise- fling the teacher
A great tool to do a bit of history/culture!

  • and more to come...!

  • Sharing Session: Secondary Schools