Term 4: Network meeting:

From Natalie Stewart and Myriam Davies:

Check the Crefeco website for some French stories with illustrations, resources, etc...Great website:crefeco
We used 'La grenouille à grande bouche' as a starter for our CLIL unit.

From Isabelle Lange:
Great books from Milan editions
  • mes animaux familiers à toucher
  • ma savanne à toucher

and if you check HERE there is plenty more!!

From Marie-Christine Dessertaine:
Marie-Christine has a collections of CDs called ZUT that she thinks are excellent and she would happily lend them out.
But you can also find them on Youtube! Type: 'Groupe ZUT'.
and of course there is Bébé Lilly and all her videos! Check them out HERE

From Sophie Lerat:
Sophie showed this great CDrom called Tip tap (helium Edition). Check it out HERE

From Gaelle Pajot:
Gaelle mentioned some resources she had found in England, called 'la jolie Ronde'. Check it out HERE

From Yvonne Weber:
Great unit of work on Asterix and stereotypes. et

Thank you very much to everyone. If I have forgotten some resources, please don't forget that you can add them on yourself (Ckick on Edit, top right corner!) or tell me and I will do it!